Academic Alliance

Academic Alliance

Diversity-minded educators are rethinking the traditional classroom to encourage all voices to speak and ensure they will be heard. For female students in many classroom cultures, old habits, social and gender dynamics—even the way tests are presented—can turn enthusiasm, learning, and graduation rates into a discouraging uphill battle.

Who we are

Bringing together more than 2,300 distinguished representatives from more than 600 colleges and universities nationwide, the Academic Alliance (AA) focuses on local barriers to attracting and graduating women in postsecondary computing. By adopting research-based practices, members create a framework to address the human dimensions of the educational setting—small steps that make the classroom a place for everyone.

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Getting involved

Academic Alliance members gain access to proven practices, ongoing workshops, and programs for students as well as educators and administrators that encourage inclusion. They can also share job postings and other resources that help shape the kinds of environments that make learning possible for all. The advantages of joining include:

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Alliance Leadership

Amber Wagner

2019-2022 AA Co-Chair
Birmingham Southern College

Leen-Kiat Soh

2018-2021 AA Co-Chair
University of Nebraska - Lincoln

Cheryl Calhoun

2017-2020 AA Co-chair
Santa Fe College

Maureen Doyle

2016-2019 AA Co-chair
Northern Kentucky University

Robert Beck

2015-2018 AA Co-chair
Villanova University

Maureen Biggers

2009-2012 & 2015-2017 AA Co-chair
Indiana University Center of Excellence for Women & Technology

Patricia Morreale

2013-2016 AA Co-chair
Kean University

Sharon Mason

2014-2015 AA Co-chair
Rochester Institute of Technology

Charlie McDowell

2012-2015 AA Co-chair
University of California - Santa Cruz

Margaret Burnett

2011-2014 AA Co-chair
Oregon State University

Christine Alvarado

2011-2013 AA Co-chair
University of California - San Diego

Nancy Amato

2009-2011 AA Co-chair
University of Illinois - Urbana-Champaign

Andrew B. Williams

2009-2011 AA Co-chair
University of Kansas

Carla Ellis

2008-2009 AA Co-chair
Duke University

J Strother Moore

2008-2009 AA Co-chair
University of Texas - Austin

Kim Kalahar

AA Program Director
University of Colorado Boulder

Beth Quinn

Senior Research Scientist
University of Colorado Boulder

Gretchen Achenbach

Research Scientist
University of Virginia