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High-performance ideas from a range of voices help organizations thrive. Many points of view at the table can lift the creativity of all and change what’s possible. Diversity adds new dimensions of competitive disruption and profitability. Organizations with inclusive cultures become fulfilling and rewarding places to work—and we have the data to prove it.

Who we are

Since 2010, the Entrepreneurial Alliance (EA) has focused on small and growing companies with much to gain from intentional cultures of change. We help members build inclusive technical cultures from the ground up, developing research-based strategies for recruiting and advancing technical women. The result: an internal dynamic in which innovation can flourish, powerful new ideas reach the marketplace faster, and team members work to their fullest capabilities.

Getting involved

We help companies embed inclusive policies and procedures in their cultures right from the start—a focus that’s especially important during the early stages when innovation is critical, executive teams form, and core values are established. NCWIT partnerships are reaching even more early-stage companies through accelerators and incubators and a presence in several major cities. Intentional cultures and gender-diverse teams can help organizations:

  • Perform better financially, particularly when women occupy a significant proportion of top management positions
  • Demonstrate superior team dynamics and productivity
  • Produce work teams that stay on schedule and under budget
  • Show improved employee performance

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Alliance Leadership

Jill Reckie

Director Entrepreneurial Alliance