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About Workforce & Entrepreneurial Alliance Work Teams

NCWIT relies on engagement from members to develop resources, research projects, and platforms for change through participation on Cross-Alliance Work Teams. The time commitment to voluntarily serve on a Work Team is not extensive and allows for members to lend a vital perspective to the creation and impact of the state-of-the-art corporate tools that NCWIT produces.

Participation offers members a unique opportunity to:


Corporate Communities Work Team

This team connects affinity group leaders at NCWIT member companies for networking, practice-sharing, learning from experts, and volunteering/ outreach opportunities.


Male/ Majority Group Advocates Work Team

This team is in action by piloting and helping NCWIT to evaluate new resources for male/ majority group advocacy.


Research & Resources Work Team

This team works to stay abreast of current research and helps NCWIT identify and prioritize new research and resource needs, conduct original social science research in support of NCWIT’s mission, and repackage existing NCWIT resources so that they are more actionable.

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Sit With Me

The iconic Sit With Me red chair represents more seats, more voices, and more ideas at inclusion’s bigger table. In events attended by both men and women, technical and nontechnical, Sit With Me celebrates women’s invaluable contributions to technology innovation.



TECHNOLOchicas promotes Latinas’ efforts to turn their technology career experiences and diverse backgrounds into tools of inspiration for K–12 girls. Latina technology professionals prove what’s possible in computing, revealing the untapped potential revealing changes in the economic outlook of individuals and entire communities.