Consulting for C4C

With C4C Counselor Consultants, NCWIT offers professional development meetings, conference sessions and workshops that prepare school counselors to support student participation in computer science education and careers.

Are you a current C4C Consultant?



Not a current C4C consultant but interested in becoming one? Here is more information. C4C workshop facilitators become prepared through a “train-the-trainer” process. Criteria for counselors joining the trainer cohort include:

  • Active involvement in the state or local counselor association, or other demonstrations of leadership
  • Prior participation in a C4C workshop
  • Prior experience preparing and delivering counselor or other educator workshops
  • Interest in delivering counselor professional development around C4C topics
  • Some autonomy and administrator buy-in so consultant is available to offer professional development several days a year
  • Work in districts or states with initiatives to increase student access to computer science education (preferred)

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