Extension Services: Graduate Program

The Extension Services Graduate Program (ES-Grad) provides one-on-one consulting services for doctoral CS programs. In collaboration with an ES-Grad consultant, clients review their current program to identify the most pressing needs, create and implement a strategic plan, and conduct ongoing evaluation to improve diversity, engagement, and inclusion in their PhD programs.

Become a Client

If you would like more information about the program, the ES resource collection, or would like to become a client, please contact es-grad@ncwit.org for more information.

For meeting the ES-Grad Client Expectations, participating departments will receive:

  • individualized consultation with an ESC

  • a small gift fund to support strategic recruitment and retention initiatives

  • access to and guidance for analyzing your enrollment, retention, and graduation data

  • travel funds for two team representatives to attend the annual NCWIT Summit, including the Extension Services Pre-Summit meeting


Download the ES-Grad information sheet online.

ES-Grad is generously sponsored by Google.