About Workforce & Entrepreneurial Alliance Work Teams

NCWIT relies on engagement from members to develop resources, research projects, and platforms for change through participation on Cross-Alliance Work Teams. The time commitment to voluntarily serve on a Work Team is not extensive and allows for members to lend a vital perspective to the creation and impact of the state-of-the-art corporate tools that NCWIT produces.

Participation offers members a unique opportunity to:

  • Help guide NCWIT’s nationally acclaimed workforce research and resource development efforts, making them more useful for organizational change agents.
  • Take action and a deeper look into topics critical to technical innovation.
  • Share practices and learn from other members’ corporate and entrepreneurial environments.
  • Pilot programs and engage in ground-breaking research.
  • Work directly with NCWIT senior research scientists, in addition to other social science, gender, and technology experts across the globe.

NCWIT currently has three identified Workforce & Entrepreneurial Alliance (WA/EA) Work Teams for which we seek additional team members:

  1. Corporate Communities Work Team
  2. Male/ Majority Group Advocates Work Team
  3. Research & Resources Work Team

To learn more and/or volunteer to serve on a WA/EA Work Team, please email Brandon White at brandon.white@ncwit.org.

Get To Know Us: 

Brandon N. White

Workforce & Entrepreneurial Alliances Specialist