Counselors for Computing (C4C)

Educators and students alike look to professional school counselors for ways to encourage girls, women, and underrepresented groups to pursue computing. But knowing where to start is hard, even for the most experienced counselors. NCWIT can help counselors remove the barriers so students choose to learn computing, consider pursuing technical career paths, and believe their voices can be heard in the tech industry.

Who we are

The NCWIT Counselors for Computing (C4C) program provides information and resources that help counselors join the front line of the computing conversation. We bring people and programs together with professional development, knowledge, and resources to give all students access to transformative computing careers.

Download our information sheet to learn how C4C helps counselors with professional development.

Getting involved

Why are counselors so excited about C4C?

Why is C4C important? How does it inspire? How does it help every day? This enthusiastic counselor tells all.



C4C is a project of the NCWIT K-12 Alliance, made possible by the Merck Company Foundation, Google, Palo Alto Networks, and Apple.


Get To Know Us 
Angela Cleveland
C4C Program Director
Dr. Wendy Chi
External Evaluator
NCWIT Consultant
Julie Gustafson
C4C Community Manager
NCWIT Consultant
Ammi Ludwick
Business and Logistics Manager
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