[[nid:7760 align=right]]Engage your intro students, share your course materials, and support diversity.

Engage your students with computer science (CS) course materials contributed by CS faculty, evaluated by experts, and based on alignment with evidence-based retention practices.


EngageCSEdu offers:

  • hundreds of unique course materials — including homework assignments and projects — submitted by faculty nationwide and peer-reviewed by CS educators and experts in student engagement
  • a searchable collection for easily locating materials according to knowledge area, programming language, and more 
  • examples, definitions, and resources related to engagement practices to ensure a more inclusive, appealing learning experience for CS students, including women and other underrepresented groups

Explore EngageCSEdu

Check out the ACM Inroads article: www.ncwit.org/engagecsedu_inroads.


NCWIT thanks Google for their generous support of EngageCSEdu. EngageCSEdu is a project of the NCWIT Academic Alliance (AA).


Get To Know Us 
Michelle Craig
EngageCSEdu Co-Editor-in-Chief
University of Toronto
Briana Morrison
EngageCSEdu Co-Editor-in-Chief
University of Nebraska-Omaha
Beth Quinn
Director & Lead Social Scientist
Kim Kalahar
Academic Alliance Program Manager
Terry Hogan
President and CTO